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    I am a scholar of the politics of education. I focus on education at the local level, and aim to expand thinking about what counts as education.

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    I taught an online course open to all undergraduate students about the politics of education, and...
    Education policy,Education,Heterodoxy,Viewpoint diversity,Education governance
    In this episode, Will sits down with Samantha Hedges. Samantha is currently a doctoral candidate...
    Education policy,Local policy,School choice,Los Angeles,Research use
    This chapter presents evidence from research in Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to...
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    Heterodox Academy HxCommunities

    I am the co-moderator, with Will Reusch, of the Heterodox Academy HxCommunity, K-12Education. Are you concerned about viewpoint diversity in education? Or just want to dialogue about the future of education? Visit the Heterodox Academy website and join the community!

    Heartland Learning

    One of my passions is practicing and teaching yoga. I have also become increasingly interested in growing my own food. I think humans have two major disconnects: a disconnect to our body, and a disconnect to the earth. Therefore, I started a gardening and yoga program for kids on Long Island, Heartland Learning. Check out the website to learn more!

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